jeudi 7 juin 2012

National Vintage Guitar Ukulele - When #398 meets #110


Like I use to say... I am a resonator instrument addict !
I am absolutly in love of my # 398 National triplate and I love my Style 2 ukulele (large body) number # 110.
You will see some pictures of the National Ukulele Large Body if you clic HERE

For today I have done some pictures of the two instruments toogether. This National ukulele and this National Triplate Squareneck have been made in the same perdiod (bettween december 1927 and march 1928... Circa)

they are in very good condition
The amplification of the two instruments are new. I have ask Mike Lewis (Fine Resophonic) to install new cones that he made in his work shop. For me Fine Resophonic Cones are actually the only resonator cones who sound as good as the Vintage National cônes... very very good vibrations.

More detail about Fine Resophonic cones makin. HERE.

I hope you will enjoy all the following pictures !

 If you want to know how did I do for having the less reflection as possible... here is the awnser !

6 commentaires:

  1. Magnifique, il te manque plus qu'une style 2 round neck.

    1. si il n'y avait qu'un style deux RN qui me manquait !!!
      (triplate plectrum... me titille too)

  2. Superbes photos pr 2 magnifiques instruments, la mère et la fille ! trop chou !!! des beautés, mais je l'avais vu déjà dès que tu l'avais reçu !!! il me tarde aussi de l'entendre ! bises

  3. Cédric aka osteel9 juin 2012 à 04:57

    si ils font des petits tu m'en mets un de coté, merci d'avance

  4. great photo's loverly instuments, nice washing line !

  5. C'est vrai, ça c'est du beau matos ! merci pour ces belles images