mardi 7 mai 2013

Triplate Fine Resophonic wood body Versus Triplate National 1930'


Let me tel you about a very very big, « coup de coeur » I don’t know how to say it in english !
Something that catch my heart very strong if you prefer.

I have a National triplate from 1928 that I love very much… triplate is a dream… and when you are fan of triplate you need to have a triplate from the golden area (last 20’ or the beguinning of the 30’)… this is the holly graal.

But in this world… if you are reaching about the PERFECT SOUND, there is something more atractive than a vintage german silver triplate National…  

I want to speak a little about the wood body triplate made by Mike lewis (Fine Resophonic in France).

This instrument is beautyfull… exactly the same as a vintage one but in wood (exept the coverplate and the grills).

But for me … if you talk about music and sounding… the Fine Resophonic has got something really superior than the german silver one. The sound is uncredibly warm. 

The sound is warm but you keep the dynamic of the triplate…
Little detail… for me (I know I have said it many time) Mike Lewis is making the greatest cones for resontator instruments. The Fine Resophonic cones are the only cones that are sounding like the vintage one (same tone, same dynamic, same colours... same quality). This is my opinion after testing differents resonator guitars, ukuleles from differents factory or luthiers

So here are two videos of me … trying to play lap steel (sorry I am not a great lap steel player… just I am in love with triplates and I want to share that with you)… Trying to play lap streel triplate just to show you the differences between the metal body and the wood body !

You can ask to Michael Messer… in lap steel… he is playing his own triplate made by Mike lewis from 12 years (the same as in my videos comparison) !

If you want to hear the Wood Body Triplate in the hands of Michael Messer... here is a short video from his DVD. You can find this great DVD (an introduction to lap steel guitar by Michael Messer HERE)

Here is a picture of Mike Lewis at the salon of the Beffroi de Montrouge (near Paris... in April 2013)

If you want to discover a little more the word of Vintage National... take a look at the Mark Makin book... this book will be your guitar bible !  clic on the picture down this text


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  1. Intéressante comparaison un peu moins de réverb avec le maple mais un son plus agréable moins perçant et apparemment autant d'harmoniques

    1. complétement d'accord avec toi Jipes... de la douceur, de la chaleur... bref le bonheur !

  2. Salut Aël,

    Tes interventions sont toujours un régal...
    Man, the way you speak english is driving me crazy...

  3. Just a movie from THe master today with: