mercredi 18 avril 2012

National Ukulele Style 2 Large Body (1928) (more pics) - (cône Fine Resophonic)


Hello every body... Today here are some more picture of the # 110 National.

The # 110 is the 10 (or 11) Ukulele National large body ever made (serial number begans at 100).
It is made between january and march 1928 (circa). The engraving style 2 roses had been made by Mr Williams (first engraver at National factory).
Maybe the # 110 is the first Style 2 large Body National ukulele ever made (maybe ... not sure at all). If someone had some info about some Large Body Ukulele before the number 110... I will be very interested (in fact I will be interested about all the serial number of national large body Ukulele)

The Ukulele came with a bad cone from 1970. I have put inside the Best Resonator cone that we can find actually in the world. It is a Fine Resophonic Cone. You can see a vidéo about Fine Resophonic HERE

I have try some other cones (manufactured cone) and the sound was really to little. There was not a great volume and a great color in the resonnance. Fine resophonic cone are incredible, the only one cones who can give back a great sound to National Vintage in my opinion. I will do a vidéo in few  weeks to show you this ukulele and to give you an oportunity to hear it.
The Ukulele is one Owner and came with it original case (beautyfull case).

The Ukulele is playable ! every thing is original. The two non original things are : the cone (fine resophonic) and the wood tail piece.

Stop speaking... here are some Picture of this treasure, I hope you will enjoy thoose pictures, I have put all this material online in a sharing spirit... I know that National Vintage instruments make some people really mad (I am in thoose kind of people), that's why I have put many pictures... 

Thank mr Dopyera ! 

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