samedi 3 août 2013

Uniform Motion cover by Aël - I Was Crushed by a Forty-Foot Man


Hello everybody !

Last afternoon I was in front of my computer playing just for fun this Uniform Motion great song « I Was Crushed by a Forty-Foot Man”… just with my acoustic guitar… than I imagine to try to make a cover of the song as good as possible.

So… here is my Uniform Motion cover… you will hear my great “French English accent” one more time  :)

If you want to know more about this great Musical-Graphic project that is Uniform Motion… look at their beautiful website and listen to their music: Uniform Motion Website Here


For seeing the video directly on YouTube, it's HERE

Here is the original clip of “I Was Crushed by a Forty-Foot Man”. The video had been directed by Renaud Forestié … Renaud is the Graphic part of Uniform Motion… You will discover his beautiful art work on his website: 

Reuno’s Blog is HERE


And of course you can discover Renaud performing live during the Uniform Motion concert… like in this video :HERE

 In the video of my Cover, I'm using two vintage national resonator instruments with brand new cones made by Mike Lewis (Fine Resophonic) , and a special 4 strings acoustic guitar made by Kopo Guitars




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