dimanche 15 juillet 2012

Ukulelezaza Solo Ukulele Book and DVD


Hello everybody !

Here is a little presentation of the “Solo Ukulele Book” made by the incredible ukulele player…. Ukulelezaza.

Ukulelezaza YouTube Channel, Click HERE

This book/DVD  is a little treasure…
First, the book is beautiful… very nice paper and great esthetic presentation… than… the content is THE treasure by itself.

You will find 16 songs arranged by Ukulelezaza. Of course the playing ukulele style of this master is “old school ukulele”… and this is a great thing. With this music book, you will be very far from Mr Shimabukuro (or others modern players)… that’s what I love so much in “zaza” music.
You will find the 20’ ukulele spirit.

This Book makes me absolutely enthusiast…

With the book, there is a DVD with all the 16 songs played by Ukulelezaza and some explication about different  strumming.

To get your own ukulelezaza book, you just need to send a paypal to Ukulelezaza, here is the address.
Paypal ID: ukulelezaza(AT)
Price incl. shipping (Europe): 18 euro
Price incl. shipping (worldwide): 20 euro

PS : Sorry for my bad English… 

EDIT : (19 July 2012)

Here is a picture showing the track listing of the songs.... (some people ask me for this list on anbd Face Book)

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