samedi 12 janvier 2013

Ukulele Resonator Fine Resophonic review (English version)


Hello every body !

Today I have did something who will maybe be interesting for some of you.
I have made a review of my Fine Resophonic Koa Ukulele… in English.

Some of you send me some email about the review of this ukulele that I have done a few mounth ago… in French on English people were sad to didn’t understand anything of what I was saying (of course it was in French).

So… today I have done my best (with my accent and my little vocabulary) to presents you my Fine Resophonic ukulele.

You will see under this text four videos :

- Vidéo 01 : Presentation of Mike Lewis the Fine Resophonic luthier 

- Vidéo 02 : Review of the Fine Resophonic Koa Ukulele

- Vidéo 03 : Only music… I had play as  well as I can some few chords and picking to help you to discover the incredible sound of this ukulele

- Vidéo 04 : A few mounth ago I have done this video of the UkuleleZaza arrangement of Drifting and dreaming

I hope you will appreciated this little videos !

Mike Lewis is building all the Fine Resophonic resonators instruments. For me he is THE best Resonator luthier on the planet… the tone of his instruments are really incredible and he is making instruments who had the exactly beautyfull warm, delicate and strong tone that the National 1920’ 1930’ instruments.


If you prefer to see the four videos directly on you tube :

Video 01     Video 02      Video 03      Video 04

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