lundi 21 janvier 2013

Ukulele - The Sheik of Araby (Ukulele resonator)


Hello every one… 

Today I have try to do as good as I can a version of the Sheik of araby with my Resonator Ukulele .
I love this song… with the help of the youtube version of this song (in French by Matohota) I have try to do a complete version (part one and part two).

For the part two, the guitar chords proposition of “the guitar guy” help me very much. 
You can find it HERE (this is a very good web site for those who search good jazz chords arrangement).

In this video I am playing my Fine Resophonic Ukulele (more Info HERE)
I have done my best for the music (and for the English accent !!!!)… I hope you will enjoy this video.

Direct link to the video on youtube : HERE

 The Sheik of araby is a song composed by Ted Snyder and written by Harry B Smith and Francis Wheeler in 1921  (More info on Wikipedia HERE)


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